Black Hack: Tomb of the Serpent Kings Session 2 of 2

Black Hack: Tomb of the Serpent Kings Session 2 of 2
Saturday December 14th 2am GMT-7 or 4am Eastern USA time

This is the second of two, 4 hour sessions. It is not necessary to attend both but that is of course preferred. My plan is to record both sessions to be posted/shared later if everyone agrees.

Tomb of the Serpent Kings is an OSR learning dungeon that was recently reviewed on the Gauntlet Podcast " Fear of a Black Dragon ". I think a learning dungeon is appropriate as this is my first time running Black Hack as well as my first time running a game on the Gauntlet. I have run plenty of games in person and online but have only been a player with the Gauntlet so far. This adventure is for both experienced players and those new to the system and/or the genre.

There will be violence but not gratuitous, There will be creepy crawly monsters and other fearsome denizens of the tomb. Character death is definitely a possibility and perhaps even likely. As always it will be an open door policy players can come and go freely as necessary. I am not going to worry about immersion if we are 2 levels down and suddenly the new character joins the party, we will just go with it. Costumes, props, silly hats and funny voices are appreciated and encouraged but certainly not required or expected. I want to lean into the tropes and have a light easy atmosphere at the table but this should be serious stuff for the characters so not gonzo silly. I am modifying the rules of the Black Hack to fit my play style and to perhaps reduce the lethality of the game slightly. Session 2 of this series we will only be creating characters by my modified method if we have new characters to add, Otherwise we will reintroduce the party and recap the previous session then descend into the 2nd level of the dungeon. We should hopefully be able to explore the 3rd level after break and find out what happens. Before ending the session we will debrief with stars and wishes.

We will be implementing safety tools including lines and veils, X-Card as well as a debrief including stars and wishes. This series will also abide by the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.

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