Blank Back Mini Playing Cards?

Hello Folks,

I’m looking for blank back(not blank face)miniature playing cards. By this, I mean a deck of traditional playing cards, that’s 2.5" x 1.8" in size, with printed face values, and with a blank, white back.

There are regular-sized playing cards, with blank, white backs. I guess used for magic of the George Oscar Bluth Jr. variety.

Do you know of any print-on-demand sites that would sell miniature cards without printed backs?


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DriveThruCards will do 1.625" x 2.5"


Looks like this is the sort of thing you want!

Thanks, but I mentioned those in the OP, and it’s why I tried to clarify the Mini part of it.

Ah shoot, I was so focused on “blank back, not blank face”, I missed the mini bit.