Bleak Spirit Kickstarter

Chris Longhurst (creator of Pigsmoke) has just launched a kickstarter for Bleak Spirit. This is a game based on the sort of lore discovery you find in Dark Souls games (which admittedly I haven’t played :sweat_smile:). It’s based on the framework of @BeckyA and @rabalias Lovecraftesque, which really interests me. I think Lovecraftesque is great, and I’d really like to see more stuff taking it as an inspiration!

I’ve also listened to the AP of Chris playing it with Becky and Josh, well worth checking out!


It’s a really great game. It uses the core mechanic from Lovecraftesque but adds other components and changes to tailor to the genre. We had a fab time playing it, would recommend.

Yeah - seconded. This is really well written and interesting evolution of Lovecraftesque.

Wow, this sounds really cool. Also sounds like Shadow of the Colossus. Keeping an eye on this one for sure.