Bloodsworn - Vampire game with Ironsworn rules

I came across the Bloodsworn Kickstarter project and really do like it.
Though it is in dire need of more backer. Thus, I wanted to introduce it a bit more.

The project is done by Jaïs Pingouroux, a designer from France, in coordination and with the approval of Shawn Tomkin, who developed the system it is based on.

The game is meant to enable to player or players to create their own vampire mythos. Whether it’s redoing Masquerade, facilitating Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, Twilight or other maybe more unique vampire myths. With the system having apparently mostly a focus on blood cravings. Which I guess might be soul cravings or the like too.

The game provides three modes of play:

  • Solo-Play
    In which the game offers a guided experience, I guess akin to The Thousand Year Old Vampire game

  • Co-Op
    In which you play the game cooperatively without a gm.

  • Guided
    In which you play with a GM.

With a pledge you get access to a Playtester Pack, which has the game with about 180 pages.

Bloodsworn by Jaïs Pingouroux

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