Born of a Bloody Film: Horror Movie Monsters and My First Mörk Borg Supplement

Born of a Bloody Film contains four monsters for Mörk Borg and other OSR-style games inspired by horror movies. It has full art, stats, and some lore for each creature arranged in, what I hope is, a slightly Mörk Borg-ian layout design. Grab it while it’s still PWYW to scare your players in your upcoming Halloween games!

As a professional editor, it is surprisingly tough to mess with the obvious basics of layout design, so I don’t know how successful I was in that regard. I don’t have the layout, design, or art skills to make something look like it came from the Mörk Borg core book, but hopefully I did enough to at least remind you of that aesthetic.

Has anyone else tried writing for Mörk Borg in a way that’s evocative of its style? I get the creature design, and I can approximate that as best I can with my limited, public domain collage-style approach to art. But the actual layout design and arranging elements and colors involves a lot of fighting against my own instincts that make it tough to grasp.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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