Bounty of the Week is ready for download

Here is version 1.3 of Bounty of the Week. May the Force be with you and good hunting!



Definitely an interesting idea! And great graphic design on the webpage. I’m excited to take a look at the actual product.

Do you find that there’s any tension in using MotW for this? I’m not able to download the zip at work unfortunately, but I’m definitely curious how core MotW components like the countdown fit in.


Hi jexthomas,

And thank you.

I don’t feel that it’s going to be exactly the same tension because the premises are different. With monsters you have something horrible happening and if you don’t intercede it will get worse. With bounties, their usual main goal is to avoid capture and if you don’t intercede they may or may not do anything more devastating or other hunters may get them. Bounties are not inherently evil–someone simply puts a price on their head. Now I will say. this, for one of the included hunts I did have some more specific countdown clocks that are based on horror tropes given the situation and content source from Wookiepeedia. But this is because part of the environment/location involves a monster. Obviously, depending on the bounty you can snowball any number of consequences for the hunters if you like. :slight_smile:


I wonder, for a star wars based game, why go with Use Tech instead of Use Force?

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Great question. My thinking on the design and I think on where the idea originated is to focus on bounty hunters and hunting bounties. For me, all of my decisions were informed by watching The Mandalorian and I never viewed the Child as a player character. Tech is a huge part of what hunters interact with gear and ships, etc. and in the games that I’ve run. And there are many games for Star Wars which already have Force abilities in them so I wanted to really speak to their experiences where the Force is rare and not known well enough to be included as a standard Move.

You or anyone are encouraged add a playbook or include a list of Force moves recommending one per existing playbook too (similar to suggestions in the Tome of Mysteries) if that’s something you want to explore as an addition or extension of the game. For the most part, I feel done at the moment with developing the hack and invite others to do what they will with it. Share the fun! :slight_smile: