Brindlewood Bay Discussion

Brindlewood Bay came out today in The Gauntlet’s $6+ Patreon feed.

If you get a chance to read or play it and have some thoughts to share about the design, please do so here!


This is such a great design! @jasoncordova, @Bryan_Lotz, may I add the keeper to the Play Aids folder?

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Yes, please do so. Thanks, Gerrit

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I am reading the game, definitelly I will run it at some time soon-ish.
I really like how it bridges between PbtA mechanics and the game session skeleton of a FitD game. Also, I like that some of your ideas that I have heard in the podcasts are finally printed in a book that I can point to (CATS, Paint the Scene, etc.).
I think that could be interesting to develop the idea of how to convert CoC, ToC adventures into BB scenarios.


If you play it, let me know how it goes! I’m particularly glad you picked up on the techniques baked into it.

Finished reading it yesterday. It was great. I really like the tone and the vibe of the game. I will try to play it !

I really like how some mechanics are handled (Putting the crown and “rewinding” after a death scene).
I plan to write a blog post about it (in french cause my blog is in french).

A question : is there a reason for the Maven Moves to include only “male TV characters” ?

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Oh great! Let me know how it goes if you play it.

It was definitely intentional to only include male characters on the Maven Moves. The reason was mostly me being cheeky. The game very much centers the experience of playing an elderly woman, and spends a lot of time exploring the idea of these characters as women. I liked the idea of the big, macho detective man being subordinated to the role of a move on the character sheet.

All that said, I’m thinking there may be room for an expansion down the road that has Maven Moves with different themes. We’ll see…