Brindlewood Bay mystery writers needed!

We’re going to begin publishing Brindlewood Bay mysteries in the pages of Codex. If you’re a TTRPG writer (established or otherwise) interested in writing some of these mysteries, we want to hear from you.

Brindlewood Bay is a game that combines cozy murder mystery stories with Lovecraftian horror. It’s Murder, She Wrote meets The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The game (plus 5 accompanying mysteries) was recently published via The Gauntlet Patreon. Anyone interested in writing a mystery for the game should be familiar with the game’s text and the mysteries that have already been published. If you aren’t a member of the Gauntlet Patreon, I can send you a copy of the materials—just email me.

We currently need a Brindlewood Bay mystery for each of these upcoming issues of Codex: Hearthfire and Colossus. Ideally, the mysteries will be connected to those themes in some way (even if very loosely).

We’re paying .10 USD/word for these. That’s higher than our normal Codex rate, but we intend to use these for a standalone Brindlewood Bay project down the road, too.

For more details or to simply express your interest, email me at gauntletpublish at gmail dot com. Please put “Brindlewood Bay Writer” in your subject line.