Brindlewood Bay: Obsessed with the Void

I am preparing for my first BB session, really excited about it!

I have a quick question:
In the fourth Crown of the Void it’s said that you gain the “Obsessed with the Void” condition but, unless my search-fu is failing me, it’s never said what it does.
Is it just that it takes a condition slots so you are more likely to have to use a crown?

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That’s always been my reading of it. It takes up a condition slot, but it’s also a guide for pole-playing and it’s a good guidepost for GM moves. If someone’s Obsessed with the Void, then that’s going to significantly shape both what happens to them on a miss and how I describe it.

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It can also give them disadvantage on moves where their Void obsession would make something harder - maybe to avoid a Void-related threat, or to carry on an investigation after receiving a Void Clue, etc

Makes sesne. Thank you both.