Brindlewood Bay: Questions about the Cozy Move, the Meddling Move, and A Cozy Little Place

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I’ve recently re-read Brindlewood Bay, after playing it at the beginning of last autumn, and three questions came up.

The first concerns the Cozy Move, both in the standard version and in the revised version found in Nephews in Peril.

At one point, the text reads:

If it’s your cozy activity, you can also stumble on a Clue relevant to an active mystery. Tell the Keeper what it is.

I don’t quite understand how this part works. Does the player have to create a Clue from scratch or do they have to choose one from the Mystery Clues section?

The second one is about the Meddling Move. Specifically when it says:

On a 12+, you also find a Void Clue OR you learn something about the dark conspiracy in Brindlewood Bay (Keeper’s choice).

The Keeper’s choice is clearly about whether you find a Void Clue or learn something about the dark conspiracy in Brindlewood Bay.

I wonder, though, whether in the first case the Keeper always chooses which Void Clue is revealed or whether this choice is up to the player.

The third concerns the “A Cozy Little Place” phase of character creation. In particular when it says:

After a player discusses each of the three points above, the other players and Keeper should then name one object that can be found in their home in Brindlewood Bay. The player should note these objects on the part of their character sheet called A Cozy Little Place. By the end of this process, there should be between three and five objects in the player’s Cozy Little Place. If needed, someone can name more than one object.

How does this work? The Maven player describes the three details of her previous life and then each individual player, including the Keeper, names an object to put in her A Cozy Little Place?

Where would the “If needed, someone can name more than one object” part apply?

Thank you in advance for your support.


Re: a cozy little place, I get that “someone can name more than one object” applies if you are playing with two players and the keeper. So, your maven will end up with one object named by your fellow player, one named by the keeper and a third named by either of them. This is so you have three objects in your cozy little place - which is the minimum number.
It is not clear to me whether you can decide beforehand that each Maven will have more than the minimum number of objects, e.g. if playing with 3 participants you can decide that each maven will have 4 objects or you must stick to 3.


Ah, you’re right! It would apply in a game with three players (one Keeper and two Mavens). In that case, one of the other two players would have to come up with an extra object to assign to each Maven.


My understanding is that the Maven creates a clue from scratch, probably inspired by the context of the cozy activity.

  1. The player creates a Clue from scratch.

  2. The Keeper picks the Void Clue.

  3. Others have answered correctly


Thanks to @Majcher and @jasoncordova for the answers. :slight_smile:

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