Brindlewood Bay: Running the final Void Mystery

Has anyone run a Brindlewood Bay game to completion, including the final Dark Conspiracy Void mystery? My group has run through their fair share of mysteries and now it’s time to have them face the final Void mystery.

The issue: I’m having trouble picturing how the session should run and how the Theorize move will work for this.

Should it be something like this?:

  • Key NPC lets the players know of the final ritual. NPC does not know, time, location, manner (TLM) of the mystery.

  • Players gather clues for the TLM by (?). I assume talking, traveling to any NPC’s they have interacted with previously. Give clues for Meddling.

  • Players theorize and roll. If they succeed they have the TLM and can take action appropriately. If they fail, they are wrong and the ritual happens and the creature is born.

Sound about right?

Thanks for any assistance!


Sounds about right. I haven’t run a full campaign yet, so I’m not sure … but I’m curious about this as well. I’ve posted the question in the Slack, let’s see what more experienced people say.

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Thanks Horst! Much appreciated.

Apparently nobody has ever finished a campaign.
@jasoncordova Any suggestions about how to handle the final void mystery?

You’ve got it exactly right. You’re essentially writing a new mystery but the goal has changed to discovering the TLM of the ritual. You can have an NPC introduce the problem, as you’ve described, and then be sure to give the Mavens a few leads of suspects and locations. The regular murder mysteries usually introduce the entire cast of suspects at the very beginning. You don’t have to do that for the Void Mystery, but you should definitely give them a few places to start.

As for writing the mystery, I recommend taking a look at all the mysteries you have run so far, and the Void Clues uncovered, to get your inspiration. Perhaps some of those old Suspects will be making an appearance, or perhaps a particular Void Clue was actually evidence of the Midwives’ planning.

Just have fun with it. The Void Mystery should feel like a reward. And then, when you’re done, you can keep the campaign going with a Sweeps Week mystery!


And don’t get too hung up on everything making sense or feeling perfectly coherent. The old TV shows the game is based on had tons of logical inconsistencies. Your players are going to be excited to see these old NPCs turn back up, or whatever callbacks to previous mysteries you come up with. That’s the fun of it, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Thanks @jasoncordova! I’m looking forward to seeing what our final mystery will look like!