Brindlewood Bay: Scarecrow move

Going through BB’s Maven Moves now and I have a doubt on the Scarecrow move.

It says “At the beginning of a session…”. So it’s not every session. It’s non repeatable, right?

(Looks like that, just wanted to be sure).


I read it (and ran it) as applying to every session. It would be pretty weird if you only got that relatively minor benefit once in a whole campaign. “At the beginning of a session” - if this is the beginning of a session, you get something per the move.


Yet the two others (Dale Cooper and Jim Rockford) are worded as “At the beginning of each session”. So it’s just a typo?

I think it’s just not the sort of game where you’re supposed to analyse the word choice in the rules at that level. If it could only be used once, I’d expect explicit wording more like you get for Frank Dowling (“You may only ever use this move once”). To me, the benefit of the move is comparable to the benefits you get from other moves that can be used every session, and much less than what Frank Dowling gets you just once in a campaign.