Brindlewood Bay style references

Hi! I’ll be running Brindlewood Bay for a few weeks, and while I like the game and I’m pretty excited about it, my biggest hurdle right now are some of the references. Like, what does Martha's Vineyard means? Being from México I don’t have a lot of context for some of these, mainly:

All the Cardigans
Goin’ Fishin’
Hippy Dippy
Martha’s Vineyard
Speed Walkin’
Up in Pumps

I can imagine them, but if you have a tv/film character to reference that would help me and my players a lot!

I had a similar problem with the Maven Moves, because I’m not familiar with most of those shows, but they are character names and they are more easily googleable, so I get the gist

Thank you!


Martha’s Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts where a lot of wealthy Americans spend their summers.

Hippy dippy is kinda outdated slang for someone involved in behaviors associated with the 60s or New Age trends.

Speed walking is a form of exercise that was trendy for a while with older Americans. It’s faster than walking but slower than jogging.

Goin’ fishin’ can mean literally that you’re going fishing, or that you just don’t plan on doing anything that could be mistaken for work.

Not sure about the other two.


Thank you @SymbolicCity, that does help I’m still having a bit of trouble visualizing it but I think I know what to look for :3

Cardigans are just a type of sweater. Specifically knitted sweaters with buttoned fronts. But just think of a stereotypically sweater-clad older person.

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And pumps are high heels, basically. I think of ‘Up in pumps’ as a bit glamorous, maybe a suggestion of wealth, well put together and stylish. But of course, all these names are as much suggestions and sensibilities as literal descriptions.