Brindlewood Bay Summer Quarterly - Thursdays 7PM Eastern US

For the first 72 hours please only sign up if you have joined the Gauntlet in the last year or if you have not played Brindlewood Bay before.

Brindlewood Bay is a tabletop roleplaying game that combines Murder, She Wrote with H.P. Lovecraft. In it, you play a group of elderly women, members of the local Murder Mavens Mystery Book Club, who help the authorities solve murder cases in a picturesque New England Town. Over the course of their investigations, they become aware of a dark occult conspiracy that connects the cases, and will eventually have to face that conspiracy in order to save their community.

Series Structure

12 Thursdays in July, August, and September 7:00-10:00 US Eastern Time

While this series will be structured as a campaign, it will be explicitly open-table. Each mystery will be set up as a 2-shot so that folks can drop in and out. This means that we will push to resolve each mystery in 2 sessions. Returning Mavens will keep their advancements, cozy little place, and conditions. The Dark Conspiracy will continue to progress as void clues are revealed, regardless of which Mavens are present. I will also accelerate the Dark Conspiracy a bit to fit the schedule.

To facilitate this the sessions will be labeled 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B and so on…

During “A” sessions, we will introduce any new Mavens and set up a new mystery.

During “B” sessions, we will continue from the previous session and solve a mystery.

There’s no obligation to sign up for the full series, but if you can sign up for a linked pair of A and B sessions, that is a big help.


Mystery 1: July 7th and 14th

Mystery 2: July 21st and 28th

Mystery 3: August 4th and 11th

Mystery 4: August 18th and 25th

Mystery 5: September 8th and 15th

Mystery 6: September 22nd and 29th (Dark Conspiracy)

There is no session September 1st.

I will send reminders 1 week before the session

CW: Possible themes include aging, gentrification, the occult, murder, light body horror, creepy occult activity

System : Brindlewood Bay (rules will be taught)

Duration : 3 Hours

Breaks : 2 breaks per session, approximately on the hour, 5-10 minutes each,

Venue : GM’s Zoom

Recording : No

Safety : Lines & Veils, X-card, and open door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players. This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Mystery 1

Mystery 2

Mystery 3

Mystery 4

Mystery 5

Dark Conspiracy (Mystery 6)
This is the finale. Please only sign up if you intend to play in previous sessions of this series.