Brindlewood Bay: The Gold Crown Mysteries

One place in this game is reserved for someone who plays their first Gauntlet Game at the Open Gaming weekend in February; if that’s you and you’d like to join this game, please DM me.

Another spot is reserved for Elizabeth Hurley.

Brindlewood Bay mixes Murder She Wrote and Lovecraft, cozy mystery and cosmic horror. You play elderly women whose enthusiasm for mystery novels leads them to solve real-life murders - but the clues they uncover also begin to reveal a supernatural conspiracy underlying and connecting the cases they solve.

If these sessions go well, I’d like to turn this into a campaign made up of a series of monthly open tables, with different Mavens dropping in and out of the story as they approach the ultimate Void Mystery. If I do run further series, players in this game will have priority access but not be expected or required to sign up for more.

Sessions will be played on StreamYard and recorded if all players consent. The series will consist of four three-hour sessions with breaks on the hour. We’ll use lines and veils, the X card and the open door policy as safety tools, and the game will run according to the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct. Players don’t need to know the rules, which will be taught during play.

Open access time for sign ups is 4pm Jan 5th, AEDT.

Session one:
Session two:
Session three:
Session four: