Brindlewood Baywatch (playtest, 5 sessions in July)

The lifeguards of Brindlewood Bay are known for their dedication, tight swimsuits and slow-motion runs down the beach. In Brindlewood Baywatch , you play one of these lifeguards after hours, when they moonlight as private detectives investigating supernatural mysteries. This game is inspired by all kinds of failed spin-offs but especially the second season of Baywatch Nights as well as its parent show, and other hopelessly overwrought flops from the forgotten depths of 90s television.

“Playtesting” seems like too grand a description for this obviously terrible idea but please be aware this will be the first run of these rules - probably a mash-up of Brindlewood Bay and Pasión de las Pasiones. You should expect some rough edges and I will be grateful for any feedback about parts of the game that aren’t working well, but I feel confident this will be fun even if it goes badly. Maybe especially if it goes badly?

Subject matter: Only the lightest horror content and potentially the kinds of mild sexual reference and adult themes you’d see on a show from the 90s; nothing explicit. May include romantic plots involving PCs and NPCs. We will use the X Card, Lines and Veils and the Open Door as safety tools, and the game will run under the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

We’ll be playing over StreamYard, with short breaks on the hour. The sessions will be recorded and posted only by consent of the players.

Players are welcome to join as many or few sessions as they’d like, but please rsvp for each session you’d like to attend.

Open access time for sign-ups is 8.45am 22/5 AEST.

Session one:
Session two:
Session three:
Session four:
Session five:


Oh. My. Goodness. Love it.

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