Brinkwood: Refuge [PLAYTEST]

This series is a continuation of an off-Gauntlet game, but we will be pulling from the wait list if a player is unable to make it! You do not need to be familiar with the game system or story so far to jump right in, we’ll take good care of you! I will email everyone on the RSVP list to confirm attendance. In case someone needs to drop, I will reach out to folks on the wait list!

Refuge asks us to listen to the quiet heart of revolution. There are campfires and tree houses, warm meals and quiet confessions in the dark. On the edge of a forest that once teemed with fae magic, this is one of the last places safe from the vampires of the Crimson Crown. There are those of us who take the fight directly to the vampires, who sabotage the factories, spread the truth, and face down the terrors that oppress us. That is not us, but we support those brigands who do.

We are the lifeblood of the revolution. We are those who care for the refuge, a growing a community that understands too well the tragedies that radicalized all of us. Out here in the Brinkwood, this is our refuge. With every day that passes we grow closer and we understand each other better. This is our home. Together, we are family. Through our quiet days we see moments of truth and pain, and we do the necessary work of healing and growing strong. We do this together.

Brinkwood is currently on Kickstarter. This is a fan game that is meant to stand on its own, or be played between sessions of Brinkwood. It focuses on the quiet day to day life of those who live in the refuge, slowly helping the rebellion grow as they heal and support each other.

CW: Each character has been radicalized by trauma in some fashion. There may be romance and other strong emotional ties.

System : Refuge: Brinkwood (Belonging Outside Belonging), Playtest

Duration : Five 3 hour sessions

Breaks : 2 breaks per session (5-10 mins)

Venue : GM’s Zoom

Recording : Yes, but only if all players consent to recording and publishing

Attendance : Joining all eight sessions is ideal but not required, this game is very drop in and drop out friendly

Safety : Lines & Veils, Script Change, an open door policy. Tools can be changed to suit the players.

Reservation: A seat has been reserved for Josh Hittie

Open access : Public signs up are available at 9/28/2020 5PM (Manila Time)

This game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Session 1: 2020-10-02T01:00:00Z
Session 2: 2020-10-09T01:00:00Z
Session 3: 2020-10-16T01:00:00Z
Session 4 2020-10-23T01:00:00Z
Session 5: 2020-10-30T01:00:00Z