Building Up the Gauntlet Blog for 2021

In 2021 I’d like to get more voices from the community up on our blog. We’re looking for pieces 800+ words. We’re open to any topic related to ttrpgs and gaming. We offer only a modest reward-- a $10 DTRPG GC or equivalent purchases from Anyone’s welcome to submit. Here are ten topics I’ve love to see posts on:

  • Starters you use for fallback scenarios and adventures
  • Interesting Campaign Set Ups
  • Talk about an online game/campaign and what worked (or didn’t work)
  • Tips for running a particular game
  • Diaries for those writing up game hacks
  • Custom moves
  • How to teach a particular game
  • Random tables
  • Your favorite game
  • How you got into gaming

We have a longer list of ideas at the link below but we’re open to lots of stuff. If you have something you want to pitch, you can message me here or email me at edige23 AT gmail (with Gauntlet Blog Idea in the subject line).
Gauntlet Blog Topic Ideas