Bump in the Dark

Bump in the Dark: Fell on Black Days
IMPORTANT - please only sign up if you have not played Bump in the Dark.

“When local brothers and drug-dealers Robert and Jason Derris are found dead in the parking lot of the Gasping Canary bar, the Pinewood County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t dig too deep. After all, they just got what was coming to them.

But The Pact knows this was no mere deal gone wrong. Rumors of the brothers being caught up in the supernatural, as well as the hunters own connections to them, point to something far more insidious …”


Bump in the Dark is a tabletop roleplaying game about a group of people who, for better or worse, have dedicated their lives to hunting and dealing with monsters.

Set in the small town of Last Pine in 1994, there are gruesome attacks, tense investigations, nasty cryptids, nefarious factions, powerful demons, action-packed showdowns, and regular folk caught in the middle.

Four Sunday afternoon (U.S) sessions in February.

SYSTEM: Forged in the Dark X Redacted Materials.

SPECIAL WARNING: This is my first time running Bump in the Dark (although I do have some experience with FitD) - if you sign up, expect stumbles.

CONTENT WARNING: The supernatural, monsters, violence, horror.

DESCRIPTION: This is a game about investigating strange mysteries and fighting monsters. It’s meant to emulate the episodic “monster of the week” type of shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural with its own, somewhat gritty take on the genre. It uses the Redacted Materials structure and investigation system while retaining a lot of the other bits from Blades in the Dark, like distinct playbooks, special abilities, and a “crew” of sorts, making it Forged in the Dark. - from the book.

RSVP OPEN ACCESS TIME: 12/30/2022 16:00


DURATION: 3 hours per session.


SAFETY TOOLS IN USE: X-Card, Lines & Veils, Open Door Policy, Stars & Wishes. The game will follow the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

VENUE/TECH: Zoom Video, Google Sheets, maybe the new Role implementation. Expect an email one week before the first session, and another shortly before each session.

BREAKS: Two 5-10 minute breaks at the top of each hour.

RECORDING: Sessions will be recorded, but would only be posted with full enthusiastic player consent. Currently the plan is to record only for the facilitator’s reference.

PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: None – rules will be taught in play.

Session 1 February 5
Session 2 February 12
Session 3 February 19
Session 4 February 26

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