Camp Pursuivant: Trophy Dark

This event is part of GFC Pursuivant, please don’t RSVP unless you’re attending the camp.

This is a one-shot game of Roommates Wanted, Dark Liquid Games’ incursion for Jesse Ross’s dark fantasy game, Trophy Dark.

Elderly recluse seeking roommates for shared costs and company.
Large estate within 10 minutes of city centre, all amenities and bills included.
The grounds and estate are free to use as you see fit except of course for my bedroom, and the basement, which are STRICTLY OFF LIMITS.

You play as eager but doomed prospective tenants, facing an unnerving house and its strange owner. Expect a tone of absurd, fatalistic horror.

The session will follow the Gauntlet Code of Conduct. We will be using Lines & Veils as well as the X-Card. Players should be aware the game will include some body horror, violence, themes of housing and homelessness, and lots of rodents.

The session will run for four hours, including regular breaks and a half hour debrief.

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