Cards as tiles

Which GMless (/full, let’s not play on words) TTRPGs do you know that reveal tiles or cards for exploration ?
I have designed such a game for planet exploration and I want to learn the state of the art.

I’ve found only two games using cards as tiles so far :
Le voyageur immobile du palais de marbre by Cendrones
and a dungeon card game I forgot the name of which, which included solo RP.


The closest think I can think of is the Story Engine Deck and the Story Engine: Deck of Worlds on Kickstarter which looked awesome but quite likely not the same thing. Meanwhile, the rpggeek card mechanics has now been sorted into card mechanics: standard decks, card mechanics: tarots, and card mechanics (specialized). The last one is probably useful to what you are working at.


Thank you !
It’s a hit ! They call it “Card placement

Check out Orichalcum, which I think does exactly what you envisage?

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Hans Messersmith personally reclassified every card based rpg himself as he noticed this trend!

@Deckard I didn’t know that was someone special. Takes one to know one :wink: We’re hot on his tracks though. :mag_right: :footprints:

I don’t know him well but I pointed him out because like you and I are often drawn to the same discussions on here, for what it’s worth, Hans and I are similarly drawn to the same discussions on there.

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Not an RPG but an interesting tabletop game that could give you some inspiration, Vast: the Crystal Caverns. Only need to check the gameplay for the player of The Cave actually, but there are a lot of interesting things there.

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Yes, I saw this one and it’s a good idea to put the link here !

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You can check out “Tel Ulysse”, the game I designed for the 5th French edition of the Three-Forged Challenge. As it won this edition, I guess I did an “OK enough” job.

The cards are placed face down in a 7*7 square, and are used to prompt events and encounters, referenced in the game. Each card leads to a different event.

It’s only available in French, but as you are French yourself, it shouldn’t be a problem :wink:

An extended version of the game (clearer rules, more explanations) will be printed in the next issue of Casus Belli magazine (n° 38, due in August 2021 I think).


Merci beaucoup :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive had this tile based dungeon crawler for a while but have never taken it for a spin:

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