Catch the Devil

Just picked up this Sage LaTorra game at Gen Con, and I’m 70/30 intrigued/concerned by how “wounded moves” are presented. Anyone played this yet?

Could you maybe explain / elaborate on what intrigues / concerns you about how these moves work?

You have four basic moves, and when you are “wounded” and that move is impaired, you use a different and less pleasant version of the move. There are six different wounded versions of each move, and you are assigned one randomly that sticks with your character. Five of them are significantly worse in various ways, and one of them is actually better, like the stress of impairment ups your game.

I think it is clever and evocative of the premise and source material.


This sounds interesting; a buddy of mine picked it up at GenCon as well and has been talking about running it. What is the source material, BTW?

Stuff like True Detective and Stranger Things, sub rosa evil in a prosaic setting.


What @Jmstar said. My only concern is that the wounded moves are dealt randomly via die roll; could lead to situations like seeing a mi-go and rolling fear of boats on the random phobia table. But I suspect it’s handled more deftly than that (I haven’t finished reading it yet).

Plan on running it in the next few weeks, I’ll post again at that point.

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