Catch-up with Codex Patreon Special

This month, the publishing side of The Gauntlet is running a Patreon special. You get the newest issue of the Codex magazine plus the 3 most recent back issues for a single $6+ pledge. We’ve had a lot of folks discover Codex for the first time in recent weeks, and we want to give them a chance to get caught up on the current volume of the magazine, Volume 4.

These four issues (Melancholy, Gold, Childhood, and Void) are some of the biggest and best we have ever produced, featuring a wide variety of work from a group of talented and diverse artists. There are numerous original games and hacks, supplements for existing games, new material for Trophy, dozens of original illustrations, our famous Miscellany tables, and beautiful custom layouts. In total, it’s nearly 250 pages of awesome stuff for your game table.

Head over to The Gauntlet Patreon to pledge. After you do so, you’ll find Codex - Void is in the posts feed and then we’ll email you the 3 back issues.

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