Changeling: The Lost PbtA - Cruel Summer

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Summer is coming. The courts are preparing for the traditional shifting of power from the green joy of Spring to the bright passion of Summer. This happens every year, but the gears of tradition seem to be grinding a bit harder this year. The hot winds of summer are blowing a little earlier this year, flowers of spring wilt a little faster, and the storm clouds of summer already darken the horizon. There are whispers that all is not well among the courts, and even the Hedge feels off to those who walk its trods. Can the Changelings maintain their balance of power, or does this uneasiness presage an upending of the courts’ careful plans?

Content Warning: Changeling: The Lost involves strong themes of psychological trauma, loss of humanity, physical and psychological abuse, and some body horror. While these may not feature prominently in the story we choose to tell at the table, they are part of almost every changeling’s background.

All standard Gauntlet Hangouts Tools of the Table will be in use, including Lines and Veils, the Open Table Policy and the X-Card, to help us create a fun and safe table for everyone.

This event is scheduled to run for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, Fridays in June at 8 P.M. EST. It will be recorded if all parties agree.

There will be 4 sessions in total. Being able to attend each session is ideal but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. One spot has been reserved by request.

2020-06-06T00:00:00Z → 2020-06-06T03:00:00Z - Session 1:

2020-06-13T00:00:00Z → 2020-06-13T03:00:00Z - Session 2:

2020-06-20T00:00:00Z → 2020-06-20T03:00:00Z - Session 3:

2020-06-27T00:00:00Z → 2020-06-27T03:00:00Z - Session 4: