Character Keeper for Stonetop - does one exist?

I’m preparing to run a Stonetop campaign, and quite excited about it. However, of course, we are playing online.

In the past, @Jeremy_Strandberg has been tremendously good at making character keepers and play aids for online play.

I wonder: does that exist for Stonetop, in its present form? If you know of such a thing, or have made one, please do share with us here!

Thanks in advance.


There’s one pinned in the discord:

I also think @JimLikesGames was working on a fancier one too, but I don’t know if he finished it.


Thanks! That’s lovely.

I ended up joining the Discord and finding both the Keepers. There’s also a Virtual Tabletop for Foundry in the works, but that’s not something I’m willing to pay for.

I don’t know whether they are intended for public consumption, so I won’t post the link to Jim’s here (he is welcome to do so himself, if he wants, of course!), but it’s really nice. I would say it’s less “fancy” than the one above in terms of presentation, but does have data indexes and drop-down menus for moves and such, which is more accessible for people who don’t know the rules or struggle with copying and pasting into spreadsheets (which is most regular humans!).

Thanks for the swift reply! Much appreciated.

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