Checkpoint Midnight - Vienna 1948

… 24 hours late for the Calendar deadline as first session is next Thursday…

@Alexi_Sarge has kindly given his blessing to my running a playtest series of his Powered by the Apocalypse game of fantasy spycraft in post-war Vienna.

There will be 4 sessions on Thursdays in July at 7pm (GMT+1), with the exception of 16 July when I’m running something else for Gauntlet Community Open gaming.

You will play freelance operatives in a city marked by war and division. You are also secret supernatural beings in a world of danger and espionage. You are spies in Cold War Vienna, and in this is a series you will face high-stakes and conflicting loyalties.
Sessions will be of three hours. They will be recorded and posted on YouTube if all players agree.
Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required, though if you join after session 1 there may already be plots in motion.

Please reply to this post if you want one of 3 available seats for this series@JimLikesGames will be a guest in each session.

We’ll play to find out but will be aiming for a story of espionage, intrigue, and action, rated PG-13.

The X-Card, Open Door Policy, and Lines and Veils will be in use.
This event abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct (


Hey! I’m not the most experienced playtester, but I have a pretty good understanding of PbtA games if you have an open seat!

Checkpoint Midnight (1/4)
Chaz the Piper, Nico the Vedma and Pearl the Golem are tracking a Soviet official with a briefcase they have been told to ‘liberate’. Then there’s a crowd, four men in a jeep, and children in need of protection … and an unexploded bomb …

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Checkpoint Midnight - Vienna 1948 (2/4)
The characters regroup at Checkpoint Midnight where we discover what special services the cafe offers above ‘kaffee und kuchen’ and meet its enigmatic Proporietor, ‘CA’. Chaz breaks up a fight before ‘the Twins’ get involved, Nico exploits an opportunity to exert some pressure, and Pearl continues to wonder at the nature of humanity … and there’s an arcane symphony, a hostage, and a lead on Boris …

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Checkpoint Midnight - Vienna 1948 (3/4)
The characters follow up on a lead that takes them to ‘Le Restaurant Gourmand’ on the same night as Boris Stepanovich takes his French hostage to dinner. The maitre’d, Isadore, certainly regrets being swayed by Djinn Gil to give them a table, as the evening does not go as every other diner hoped. Chaz tries slight of hand but triggers a brawl into which Gil happily steps; Pearl gets the girl; and Nico marks an enemy with blood … then there’s a car chase and a sacrifice …

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Checkpoint Midnight - Vienna 1948 (4/4)

With Chaz Hamilton and Margaritte Durand taken by one of the cold-war factions, and Nico already missing, it is left to Pearl the Golem and Grand Gil the Djinn to stop Vienna being consumed by the creatures the Supernatural Symphony will raise. Pearl’s soft heart allows Boris Stepanovich to escape while Gil tries to find Margaritte’s sister, the pianist Seraphine. Then there is a night time break-in and a safe is cracked, but the concert goes ahead …