Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly, July and August)

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly, July and August)

You are freelance operatives in a city marked by war and division. You are secret supernatural beings in a world of danger and espionage. You are spies in Cold War Vienna, and this is a story of you pulling off high-stakes missions and juggling conflicting loyalties.

This is a longer playtest of Checkpoint Midnight, a Powered by the Apocalypse game of fantasy spycraft. This series is meant to test character progression and (perhaps) character endgames. If you have played in a previous playtest of Checkpoint Midnight, you can discuss with me bringing back your character from prior sessions for this series!

This is a quarterly series with sessions on Monday evenings (Eastern time) in July and August. A last set of sessions (in the same timeslot) will be posted for September. Players in these sessions will get a first pass at signing up for those.

A slot in the August sessions has been reserved for Jesse Abelman.

Sessions will run three hours. They will be recorded and posted on YouTube (if all players agree). Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend.

Aiming for a story of espionage, intrigue, and action, rated PG-13. The X-Card, Open Door Policy, and Lines and Veils will be in use. This event abides by the Gauntlet Community Code of Conduct.

Season One (July)

2020-07-06T23:30:00Z2020-07-07T02:30:00Z Session 1

2020-07-13T23:30:00Z2020-07-14T02:30:00Z Session 2

2020-07-20T23:30:00Z2020-07-21T02:30:00Z Session 3

2020-07-27T23:30:00Z2020-07-28T02:30:00Z Session 4

Season Two (August)

2020-08-03T23:30:00Z2020-08-04T02:30:00Z Session 1

2020-08-10T23:30:00Z2020-08-11T02:30:00Z Session 2

2020-08-17T23:30:00Z2020-08-18T02:30:00Z Session 3

2020-08-24T23:30:00Z2020-08-25T02:30:00Z Session 4

2020-08-31T23:30:00Z2020-09-01T02:30:00Z Session 5

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly Season 1, Session 1/4)
Starring: @Puckett, Leandro P, Chris S
In the first session of a new quarterly, we meet the operatives of Checkpoint Midnight: Jack Hardesty, the Unburied Fragment rebuilt into a vengeful revenant; Emilie Landau, the Favored Dodger trusting to her supernatural luck to run schemes all over town; and Ashleigh, the Constructed Manikin fascinated by human mutability. Then we pick up with them in the midst of a mission gone pear-shaped!

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly Season 1, Session 2/4)
Starring; @Puckett, Chris S, and Mark C
We add a new operative to the mix: Skye the Rusalka, a drowned doctor now on her murderer’s leash. Then we pick up with negotiations at Checkpoint Midnight. Ashleigh gets too invested in the golden apple the operatives recovered, Jack juggles potential buyers, and Skye tracks a target home and ends up charging into a burning building.

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly Season 1, Session 3/4)
Starring: @Puckett, @LeandroP, Chris S, Mark C
Our supernatural operatives brave explosions, attempted drownings, and an unexpected liaison before embarking on a personal mission to flush out Skye’s elusive handler. Jack brings out the big guns, Emilie meets a nemesis, Ashleigh has an electrifying vision, and Skye learns the consequences of turning on the one who holds your leash. In the end, smoke rises from a new battleground in Vienna…

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly Season 1, Session 4/4)
Starring: @Puckett, @LeandroP, Chris S, Mark C
In the first season finale of our Quarterly, the operatives snatch some downtime—during which Jack teaches Ashleigh about death and dogs, and Skye tangoes away her stress hoping to impress Emilie—and then delve into the sewers of Vienna in search of a legendary tree. Not everyone makes it out in one piece…

Checkpoint Midnight: Waltz of Treachery (Gauntlet Quarterly Season 2, Session 1/5)
Starring: @Puckett, @LeandroP, @Jesseabe, Steven S
Our second season of spycraft and skullduggery in Cold War Vienna begins! We introduce two new operatives: Joske the Relentless Dreamstalker and Valentine the Wayward Shadow. And then we drop in on a mission at an art auction already taking a disastrous turn. Death makes demands on Jack, Emilie chases a rival thief, Joske catches scent of his nightmarish quarry, and Valentine schmoozes his way to stardom.