Chose your weapons wisely -options without rules

I’m into simplification of weapons rules. Instead of using many different dice and modifications for different weapons, I prefer the likes “small weapons 1d4”, “medium does 1d6” l and so on (just a example).

But the best thing of this simplification, for me, is that the player still have to think about his weapon of choice: a hammer can’t chop a tree, a a mace can’t prick a jewel from a idol and so on.

But I do believe it’s best if the DM creates some situations that allows players to exercise this. What are your thoughts about this subject? The many uses for weapons besides damage?

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I too enjoy the creative use of supply and equipment items to overcome obstacles with fictive positioning alone.

I don’t think it needs to be something designers incorporate directly in adventure design, but rather a GM skill. Space constraints alone mean designers can’t offer up advice on all player schemes and solutions. The GM will have to resolve them, decide if/what mechanics apply, and make the ruling on success or failure.

For example, you can certainly try to pry open the lid of a stone chest with your sword in my game, but I, the GM, rather then the location designer will decide how that works and if that the sword breaks. They designer can’t be asked to anticipate player puzzle solutions, there’s too many and puzzle solving works best when It’s not regularized and gamified. When fictive positioning is the focus over mechanics.

I take the alternate attitude for combat, already mechanically heavy, and by agreement a game event that depends on rules and random generation. I’m more flat damage and weapon modifiers by class ( e.g. all swords are FINESSE weapons, allowing better shifts between offensive and defensive combat styles).


As GM that is pretty strict with weight/carry I definitely need to think about this more and make sure my players take full advantage of their kits.

I always noodle around with this idea whenever I’m daydreaming. I think an interesting approach may be to create distinctive play through how different weapons are used moreso than how they cause effects. Almost always the focus is on creating distinct and evocative results through damage, but always by executing the “attack” action. I don’t think this is possible in your standard DnD/PF/torchbearer, but shouldn’t it be possible to have weapons behave differently in the ways characters use them? A dwarf madly hacking away with an axe should have a different brain feel than a halfling sneaking behind enemies to backstab them.


Some Monsters , like skeletons and ents, may suffer different damages depending on the attacking weapon (and the game system). Still, that’s only “damage thinking” . 2nd AD&D Dragonlance boxed set had many lender weapons (besides hoopak) that had different uses, like a flute that could be used as a “snorkel”. I think it’s a really nice use for weapons, heheh