City of Whispers (Play Test) - Tuesdays in Nov + Dec

If you like your fantasy less epic and more street-level, come try City of Whispers with me on Tuesdays in November+December.

  • What : City of Whispers, a game in development about intrigue in a fantasy city
  • When : Tuesdays in November and December (9 sessions, 5pm Eastern US time)
  • Who : Hopefully, you!

I’ve been play-testing the crap out of my game City of Whispers, and I’d love to get even more perspectives and more feedback.

City of Whispers is a game of medieval-style fantasy that takes place entirely in a single large city. This isn’t the epic adventure of Lord of the Rings, but instead intimate machinations of city politics, faction intrigue, uneasy partnerships, and back alley negotiations.

Hi! I’m new to the Gauntlet and registered for today’s City of Whisper’s session, and can’t find my invitation to the zoom link.