Codex Book Club - 04 Starlight



Hi all, and welcome to the next installment of our ongoing book club series where we visit past issues of Codex in-depth and explore fun ways to use them!

What is Codex? Codex is the Gauntlet’s monthly RPG fanzine. Each issue is packed with awesome game material sourced directly from our community, as well as original art. Monthly issues are available to patreon members. Learn more over on Patreon 1.

Why a book club? I only joined the Gauntlet less than a year ago, and there’s a wealth of knowledge that I completely missed out on. I want to read through all the back issues of Codex and what better way to do so than to read it with everyone else and discuss what we like?

This week, we’re discussing Codex - Starlight, an issue dedicated to exploring spirits, specters, and phantasms! It contains the following:

  • Café Luz Estelar, a Malandros starter by Tom McGrenery.
  • Ex Nihilo, a science-fiction Lovecraftesque scenario by Joshua Fox.
  • The Temple of the Peerless Star, a deluxe Dungeon World starter by Jason Cordova and Daniel Fowler.
  • Three Dozen Signs the Stars Are Right, a Miscellany (System Agnostic)

Codex - Starlight can be purchased on DriveThru RPG here.

The next book club will be for Codex - Dark. We’ll start discussing it on Monday April 22nd.

Codex Book Club - 03 Ectoplasm

I don’t think I’ve read this issue yet but I do remember The Temple of the Peerless Star was referenced in the Discern Realities AP!


Yes, it’s the setting for the first Ramshackle Crow adventure, before he [SPOILER REDACTED].


Fun (?) fact: the mysterious door in Café Luz Estelar is inspired by a vague memory of the Club Apocalypse nightclub that appears in the Delta Green: Countdown sourcebook from 1999.