Codex - Childhood is now available!

Codex - Childhood is now available on The Gauntlet Patreon! You can get it by making a $6 pledge:

Here is what you’ll find inside:

Competition Kids!

A game inspired by kids’ game shows such as Global Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple. It was written by Greg Gelder and features artwork by Sam Tung and layout by Sam Roberts. It was mechanically-inspired by Tuk Fast, Tuk Furious by Gerrit Reininghaus.

Electric Daylight in Verdigris

This is the first expansion for Dark Designs in Verdigris, originally published in Codex - Emerald. It features a new character creation option plus begins to explore the setting of Verdigris in more detail with the fabulous Heuber’s Museum of Books! It was written by Richard Ruane, with illustration by Chris Spence and layout by Lu Quade.

Trophy expansion: Rosenwald

This month’s Trophy expansion is by Blaine Moore. It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and features: Pawns of the Chessboard Forest (character creation options), The Forest’s Creed (a new, optional game rule), and Rosenwald (the new incursion).

Storm Riders: Heroes of Alternia

This is the first expansion for Storm Riders, originally published in Codex - Joy 2. This feature is packed with advice on how to run the game, advice on creating new character classes (for both Storm Riders and World of Dungeons), a new world creation technique called Playset Questions, and loads of awesome tables. It was written by myself and Michael G. Barford, with illustrations by Sam Mameli and layout by Sam Roberts.

Three Dozen Horrors in the Land of Candy

This month’s miscellany is a journey into the nightmare version of Candyland. It features fun layout and graphics by Jesse Ross.

Thanks so much to the entire Codex team, including cover artist Amanda Lee Franck, editor Lauren McManamon, and layout supervisor Jesse Ross.