Codex Volume 1 Now on IPR

If you missed out on the Codex Volume 1 Kickstarter, you can now get the hardcover and pdf on Indie Press Revolution.
The book’s amazing…flat out amazing. Anyone who has already gotten their copy can testify to that.


Hey, folks-

I’ve got a case incoming from IPR so you’ll be able to pick it up at the following Northeast and Midwest cons between now and end of the year: BostonFIG, Burning River LGBTQ con in Cleveland, Con on the Cob (Ohio), CarnageCon (VT), Metatopia (NJ), U-Con (MI), and PAX Unplugged (Philadelphia).


Hey guys, I’m still waiting form my Codex Hardcover book from the kickstarter campaign…
Should I worry about it? I’m in Italy. Thanks!

International is still with the fulfillment people. They will hopefully start going out soon.

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Still no sign of the book… :sweat:

Have you seen any tracking for it? @jasoncordova is IPR actually doing the fulfillment for international shipping?

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No. Do you know where should I look for it?