Collection #162, including every tabletop rpg project started between 03/03 and 14/03

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #162, including every tabletop rpg project started between 03/03 and 14/03.

With the ZineQuest concluded, the number of projects launched is down significantly. Though there are quite a few brilliant games, thus let’s get to them.

I could not resist backing Expedition: Incredizoology. The game focuses on the taming, training and hunting of fantastic creatures. Where most games tend to focus on killing those, this one is more about the interaction. I like the idea and the system, presented in a video in less than 10 minutes, looks really cool. Hence, my recommendation! If you are interested in a /way/ more aggressive game, check out the official Terminator RPG. The game is based on the first movie and some comics, and doubles as a guide to the 1984 movie setting; apparently ignoring all the rest. It utilizes the S5S system, as featured in SLA Industry second edition, and one fun aspect appears to be that you can replace your dead character by pulling a copy from time or an alternate universe. This might sound a bit transcendental, but it has nothing on Cerebos: The Crystal Train. A game which explores the train journey of its passangers to a fantastical city. The people might be strange, will have hidden motives, attachments as well as hopes and expectations of the city. The game sports rather narrative system, with the whole thing inspired by works like Sunless Sea, Infinity Train, Invisible Cities and the like. Though I personally found myself reminded of the anime Night on the Galactic Railroad, a brilliant work, that hit home hard. Anyway, the project is cool. Tomorrow on Revelation III appears to offer a comperatively lighthearted experience. The characters find themselves fighting for survival within a hyper-capitalist space station, though they will eventually overcome the capitalism. Which sounds like a fun rpg. Then there’s Penny Heroes, a mix between a wargame and an rpg, with the focus on minis. If you like wargames and minis, have a closer look.
There are of course more project. Bestial Ecosystems offers advice on the ecology of various monsters and migh match up with the Expedition rpg, East Texas University: Study Abroad addresses the students traveling and the Book of Chance Meetings offers help for designing random encounters – which might fit nicely with the electronically sparklin Pixels dice.
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