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Where can I pre-order this?!

Several months ago I heard @jasoncordova talking about Masters of the Universe as a formative sword & sorcery inspiration (possibly in relation to Storm Riders in Codex) and I had kind of forgotten how into it I was as a kid.

This prompted me to start watching some old episodes of MotU/She-Ra and to listen to The Wizard’s Nightshirt

I recently got some production drawings and cels and I love them!


I was probably talking about the LotFP Carcosa, which I consider to be a serious, non-toy commercial version of MotU.

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That’s what it was!

It totally flicked a switch for me and made me want to explore that stuff again.
Eternia truly is a hostile environment full of swamps, tar pits and ravines populated by wolfbats.

When I was a kid, I thought He-Man was was too childish for my refined 10 year old sensibilities. I prefered Thundarr the Barbarian, which I have seen as much more cool and mature (it really wasn’t). I like that it was set in post-apocalyptic earth. I still hope to run some science-fantasy vaguely based on it.

I always thought it was a cheap He-Man knock-off, but It actually pre-dated He-Man. Now I feel like a hpister. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for bringing back memories @cosmicwimp, love the art!


Oh man, Thundarr was one of my top shows as a kid. I probably had a Sun Sword in my hand even more often than a lightsaber! I picked up the series on DVD last year and it is still great. :grinning:


Thundarr the Barbarian crossed with early 80s Heavy Metal magazine (esp. anything by Moebius) is the visual aesthetic for my upcoming Ultraviolet Grasslands campaign!