Contacts and Supporting the Gauntlet

For all things related to Gauntlet Publishing-- Codex, The Gauntlet Publishing Discord, our Kickstarters, Brindlewood Bay & other publications, you can email or message on Twitter @gauntletpub.

For things related to the Gauntlet Gaming Calendar, Gauntlet Community, Gauntlet Slack, Blog, and Podcasts you can email or message on Twitter @gauntletrpg

You can find The Gauntlet website, with links to all our resources, blog, and general information at

If you’d like to support the work we do here, you can support The Gauntlet via our Patreon

OUr Facebook Group is here:
Our YouTube Channel is here:

You can find our Community Code of Conduct here:

You’ll find pdf releases of Gauntlet publications on DTRPG:
You can find Gauntlet physical releases here: