Coriolis - the Third Horizon (Resistance Toolbox Hack)

You will be required to read setting material from the core rulebook. If you do not have time, cannot make time or will not make time to read this material before your first session, please do not sign up for any sessions.


Coriolis - the Third Horizon is a science fiction role playing game set in a remote cluster of star systems called the Third Horizon. It is a place ravaged by conflicts and war, but also home to proud civilizations, both new and old. Here, the so called Firstcome colonists of old worship the Icons, while the newly arrived Zenithians pursue an aggressive imperialistic agenda through trade and military power.
In this game, you will crew a space ship and travel the Horizon. You will explore the ancient ruins of the Portal Builders, undertake missions for the powerful factions and partake in the game of political intrigue on Coriolis station – the center of power in the Third Horizon. You might even encounter strange beings from the Dark Between the Stars.
From the Monolith in the jungles of Kua to the floating temples of Mira, the Horizon is yours to explore. You can be traders, explorers, mercenaries, pilgrims or agents. Whatever your calling is, together you will make your own fate. In the end you might even discover the truth about the mysterious Emissaries and the threat of the Dark Between the Stars.

These are four sessions of Free League’s Coriolis - the Third Horizon using my adaptation of the ruleset to the Resistance Toolbox by Grant Howitt and Christopher Taylor found in Spire: the City Must Fall and Heart: the City Beneath. We will use Google Hangouts. Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must sign up for each session you wish to attend.

Safety Tools: We will use Script Change and Lines and Veils during our sessions. We will observe the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me!

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