Corpse Ashtray a GFC Swords of the Serpentine One-Shot

Corpse Ashtray a GFC Swords of the Serpentine One-Shot

Session is scheduled for June 12th at 8pm EST.

The post for the session can be found here:

As part of the Gauntlet Facilitator Camp I will be running a one-shot adventure called Corpse Ashtray using the Swords of the Serpentine Adventurer’s Edition by Pelgrane Press. This game is reserved for GFC participants only. If you would like me to run a SotS game in the future please contact me.

In this adventure you will play denizens of The Eversink, Denari’s holy city. You have taken a job aboard the merchant ship The Shinning Coin sailing back to port with a hold full of spices and silks. A sail is spotted on the horizon and then things get interesting.

The session will be played via Zoom, and we will be using a Roll With Me room for dice rolling. Pre-generated characters will be provided, as well as a link to the character keeper, prior to the session.

Safety tools, (X-Card, Lines and Veils, Open Door) will be used.

Trigger warnings are: Murder and Body Horror.

If you have any questions please contact me.