Cortex Prime: Hangman's Rest (Deadwood Inspired)

Cortex Prime: Hangman’s Rest (Deadwood inspired)

The game is schedules for 4 hours and will be recorded.
5 players. You should be able to make ALL of the sessions. This is a game that works best with strong continuity.

This game will have a good deal of PC vs. PC conflict. The system makes this advantageous to all the players, doesn’t punish anyone unduly, and a constant conversation OOC will be kept up during these conflicts to make sure the PC vs. PC conflict never becomes Player Vs. Player.
This game will contain language, though we’ll be leaving out the gendered/racist insults. It will also, ideally, contain the kind of eloquent dialogue that one might find, if one were to look deep enough, down in those parts of the soul that they otherwise might not look, aside from sending home a missive to a loved one ya ain’t showed the proper attention to in life.

This will be a Cortex Prime western inspired by Deadwood. It is set up, essentially, as Smallville. The characters have already been created.

A Thief, a Homesteader, a Cattle Baron, a Sherrif, and a Saloon Owner stand at a crossroads. The Cattle Baron wants what the Homesteader has. The Sherrif is trying to keep the peace. The Saloon Owner is surveying his own power against that of the Cattle Baron and the Thief is caught in the middle.

As the players start to explore their interests, they’ll find they come in conflict as the town holds their breath while these major players threaten all of their future. And, god forbid, if Fallstaff, the next town over, gets involved? That might mean that the town gets shafted, come them joining the Union.

As always, the Gauntlet Inclusivity Policy will be in place and we’ll be using the X-Card as well as Line and Veils. When we enter into PC vs. PC conflict, there will be check ins for everyone’s comfort as they go on. A conflict can be called off, if necessary.

You can see info on the characters here:
PC Relationship Map Kumu:
Deadwood Game Google Drive link:

2019-11-02T17:00:00Z2019-11-02T21:00:00Z Session 1
2019-11-09T18:00:00Z2019-11-09T22:00:00Z Session 2
2019-11-16T18:00:00Z2019-11-16T22:00:00Z Session 3
2019-11-23T18:00:00Z2019-11-23T22:00:00Z Session 4

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