Countdown to Gauntlet Community Open Gaming Registration

In a little under two hours the GCOG site opens for sign-ups (Noon US Eastern). We have a great line-up of 33 (!) sessions on the calendar. The event is free for everyone. A few notes:

  1. Please help us by giving this a mention on your social media or groups-- twitter, Slack, Discords, instragram, Tok Tiks, Facebook, or whatever. It helps and it would be great show this community-created project off to more people.
  2. We have to do a one-click registration confirm for new folks who join the calendar. We’re usually on it pretty quick, but if you see anyone commenting that they can’t sign up, message me or @Gerrit and we’ll fix it.
  3. You’re you’re a GM on the Gauntlet Calendar and you still want to GM a session, you can add an event up to the week beforehand. You might look to see where we have room or lots of sessions with waitlists.
  4. While the focus of GCOG is new players, community members can sign up for sessions. We’d ask that you only register for one (or two if it’s a 2-parter) on the first day, but you can add more after that.
  5. If you have (or if you see someone has) questions, they can message us on twitter @gauntletrpg or via email at