Creating new End of Session Questions in Brindlewood Bay

Has anyone created different End of Session Questions for their Brindlewood Bay game, thus allowing Murder Mavens to earn XP in ways that are more specific to their characters than with the current questions?

I’m the Keeper of a game that’s currently several sessions into a campaign and I have a player asking if they may do this.

Since this is likely to alter the rate at which the the Maven earns XP, I wasn’t sure about doing this and wanted to get insight into the potential benefits and problems of doing so? Should I allow it, and if so, what limits should be placed on the questions being created?

I’m thinking the question can’t be if the maven engaged in their cozy activity, since the Cozy Move already gives benefits to the maven for engaging in their activity. But I can’t think of much else.

I don’t want to just say no without any valid reason, but I also wan’t to make sure I don’t unbalance what seems to me to be an already fairly well-balanced game.

Also, what is the typical rate at which one earns XP in this game?


I haven’t done it but I’d be open to a player drafting new questions if they had an idea that was consistent with the tone of the game and wasn’t going to mess with the intended XP progression. If it seems like they just want more XP, probably not so much (but might point them at the maven move that gives you an extra XP trigger). I’d also tell them that if they start racking up XP faster than the other players, I’d ask them to rewrite the questions or return to the core ones. But if they have a fun idea or a character concept that fits the game but isn’t well served by the existing questions, why not?