Crisis / Escape design that I've kinda abandoned

Been thinking about combining ideas from Blades in the Dark, FATE, and Escape From the Curse of the Temple. It’s something that might be good to roleplay a game about enduring a crisis or escaping an in-progress calamity, maybe a superpowers setting.

Superpowers particularly seems appealing because it’s a design white whale for me.

So maybe there would be some kind of big Crisis “clock” which causes the players to lose, and a big Escape “clock” which causes then to win.


  • Dice: d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s, d20s
  • blank cards, split into 3 sections: Aspect title section, and two blank sections for placing dice. The first dice section is “fictionally locked” dice, the second is “mechanically locked” dice

Core Resolution

Like BitD, a player tells the GM an action and intent. But only if the situation is desperate, the GM calls for a roll.

Highest die result
1-5 fail / worsen crisis / impose fictional lock
6-10 pass / fair result / trade one fictional lock for another
11-15 excellent result / remove one fictional lock
16-20 supernatural result / remove three fictional locks

To roll, a player takes their Luck Die (usually a d6) and at most one die from one of their Aspect cards (unless that aspect die is “locked”) they then roll the two dice and can take either result. If they take the result from the Aspect die, that die gets placed on the “mechanically locked” section of the Aspect card.

The Luck Die can never be locked.

If they ever roll doubles, they unlock all of their dice.

If they ever roll doubles when they have no locked dice, they gain a new Aspect.

Character Creation

Players have 30 points to spend. Eg: they can take:

  • one d20 Aspect, one d10 Aspect
  • or five d6 Aspects

That’s it. Whaddya think?


It is simple.
Why do you think “fictionally locked” is necessary ? It’s not easy to forget IMO.
In such a setting I would like to have an economy between players for treachery/sacrifice. Maybe dice (Cf Love INTel), maybe Condition boxes / Mood tokens.


Well let’s say there’s 3 players with 5 aspects each. That’s 15 things to remember the state of.

What is “Cf Love INTel”?

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Love INT is a 24h inspired 200 worder by Nick Wedig

You distribute a fixed sum of dice sides between your character Traits (why > how). It’s PvP : whoever rolls highest wins a conflict.
The exchange of dice at the end of a conflict is what makes the game deeper : "Then you swap dice, placing the die your opponent rolled onto your circle for the die you rolled, and vice versa. " Now that informs nicely when and how and who(m ?) you will mechanically interact with.

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