Criteria for prepacked demos

Are you familiar with actually good & free TRPG demos which help you to jump into play without proper experience and and get the gist of the game in one-two hours?

I am not looking for general starter sets, or little pre-packed games, but more like pre-packed introductory adventure modules with pregen characters and all the necessary rules both for players (and GMs, if there is any) to convey the essence of the gameplay & setting.

There are a couple for Legacy: Life Among the Ruins which are quite good. They have good pre-gens and campaign starters with enough to play from iirc. Free League’s starter for Mutant Year Zero is also pretty complete and solid. OOH the Coriolis one references things not present in the shortened rules and has some other issues. I’ve run from a couple of the Modiphius starters alone (Star Trek Adventures and Conan). For the Conan one, they have two and one is more interesting than the other (the one with the drums along the river is not very good).

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I assume when you say general starter sets, you mean like Beginner Boxes.

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Thank you, the Legacy one looks close to perfectly compact!