Crowdfunding Collection #126, including every tabletop rpg project started between 12/16 and 12/22

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #126, including every tabletop rpg project started between 12/16 and 12/22.

Right before (or in) the Holidays this collection still contains 16 projects, one of which is my clear favorite.

Cults of the Blood Gods offers an essential sourcebook for the 5th edition of Vampire: The Masquerade (V5) and proves that Onyx Path can start und successfully fund a project during the holidays. The books offers all rules and fluff needed to play my favorite Clan the Giovanni, along with other clans and bloodlines like the Cappadocians, Samedi, Nagaraja, Harbinger of Skulls and basically everyone necromantically inclined. Including a new, unifying title of „The Hecata“ – though one can always play a splinter group that insist on their original identity…
Next to those clans the book offers everything one might need to know about cults and religions in the context of the V5. You’ll get existing groups like the Church of Caine, Bahari, Nephilim, Church of Set, Cult of Mithras and many more. If you want to do something of your own device, you’ll get a toolbox to create your own cult.
The book will provide a campaign set in and around Munich (Germany), a kin to the campaigns offered in Chicago. Plus more scenarios ready to be played in a companion PDF.
There is more and for me it’s an absolute „must back“, a project which I recommend wholeheartidly and with passion. The potentially most important book next to the V5 core. Take a look, back it. If you are abroad, the shipping costs have dropped more than half of previous OPPs projects. If your budget suffered from the Holidays, it’s up till the 18th of January. Do it, back it! :wink:
Another imho cool project is the Tabletops and Tentacles magazine. It offers adventures, a Print & Play game, NPCs, interviews, and more material on like 140+ pages. It looks great and I recommend having a look.
Then there is the one-shot adventure Legends of Novus Adventures: Kzmatic’s Keep. It looks stunning and pitches the PCs against a megalomaniac Lich who is in need of defeating. It’s a bit short, yet cool. Take a look.
If you like some dice to go along with it, take a look at the silver Dragon’s Hoard Dice or the nicely Dragon Themed Polyhedral dice set. If you like some digital tool to build your adventures, well take a look at Dungeon & Quest Generator. It looks nice and useful.
I personally do feel tempted to back the Spanish translation of Tenra Bansho Zero from Japanese. I got an English edition, yet I want to improve my Spanish and hope that they do include the „rules for mass combat“ that are cut from the English edition and await being made available in a separate PDF. I am mostly kept away, by not being sure if they deliver to Germany and how much it will cost.
There are, of course, more projects next to the ones I mentioned. Just see for yourself:

English Crowdfundings

2 Sourcebooks
1 Magazine
2 Adventures
2 Dice Projects
1 Maps
2 Accessoires
2 Digital Projects
2 Enamel Pins

Spanish Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games