Crowdfunding Collection #132 – Part 2 of 2, including every tabletop rpg project started between 01/26 and 02/02

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #132 – Part 2 of 2, including every tabletop rpg project started between 01/26 and 02/02.

February introduces the Zine Quest 2 Kickstarter event, which follows a very productive week in regards to projects started. Thus there are a total of 79 projects, about 26 offering new games. To make it a bit more accessible, I decided to split the collection.
Do take a look at part 1!

In this part I will focus on all the many Zine projects.
Rain on a Conga Drum shows that something as small as a zine can contain not one, not two but three games! The games are all inspired by the musician Van Zandt, who appears to be a country singer or well songwriter. The approach intruiges me and I feel tempted. In Beak, Feather, & Bone the player play crow like creatures and essentially build a world or rather map, including notations. The illustrations look cool and the approach to make world-building fun sounds enticing. Though, you might be looking for a solo game experience, in which case, take a look at the The Artefact. The game has you creating an artifact and see where it goes and what is done with it…
Palanquin is more a traditional fantasy game. The player character happens to be the heir to a dynasty, when a coupe happens and puts them in danger as well as sees them fleeing. Basically like Ciri in The Witcher (I imagine). I do trust Jason Pitre, the designer, and ton and might back it. Then there’s BUTCHERY, where the characters have to face monsters that were created by the actions of humans and restore harmony in nature. I think of it as maybe being a bit like Werewolf The Apocalypse. Without the bloat or shapeshangers. The setting is described as licorice fantasy (dark, bitter but not all tears and misery), which is quite a unique description (I like salty licorice). I might back it and recommend having a look at the game. With Corsairs you’ll get more lofty, airborn fantasy. Sailing around in flying ships with floating islands. Which sounds nicte. Well, and then there’s No Stone Unturned. Where you may explore a fantasy world and build a homebase. With the option to peak into the system via the SRD. Rarely did I like that many „normal“ fantasy game.
If you rather play a mundane band, checkout ROCK & ROLL. With Rock’n’Roll being something that might provide a good soundtrack to some Derby Drama. Both games do look solid.
Though maybe you like your mundane and urban game with some fantasy A Touch of Glamour has you covered with playing fae creatures. Alternatively you might descend into a the Green Dawn Mall to get one of your pals out of the maze. Well or you’re a gay dishwasher, greeter in the Dish Pit Witches. Which sounds like a quite unique idea.
There’s the option that you prefer science fiction. Where I would recommend to you having a look at Moonsailors. Traversing space, making discovery… the game focuses on the solitary experience and the connectivness, being accessible for groups of 3 to 5 players. Then there’s VALOR KNIGHTS: THE ELECTROCUBE WAR which looks more like fun cartoon syfy, Which is a nice change.
There are plenty more cool zines. Settings like Willow, supplements like On the Shoulders of Colossus or Dead Halt – Happy New Year 1999 as well as adventures like Sinister Red (full of vampires).
You’ll find all those projects – and more – listed here:

English Crowdfundings

3 Role-Playing Games
4 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
2 Contemporary Role-Playing Games
3 Urban Fantasy Role-Playing Games
2 Science Fiction Role-Playing Games
3 Settings
5 Sourcebooks
2 Troika Sourcebooks
8 Adventures