Crowdfunding Collection #134 – Part 2 of 3 – Zine Quest, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/09 and 02/19

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #134 – Part 2 of 3 – Zine Quest, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/09 and 02/19.

Following my operation this collection is a bit delayed, and thanks to the zine quest it totals more than 150 projects of whom more than 70 are actual games. Thus I decided to split the collection in three parts, the other two being:
Crowdfunding Collection #134 – Part 1 of 3
Crowdfunding Collection #134 – Part 3 of 3 – Zine Quest

The Zine Quest brought up an astounding amount of new, whole tabletop rpg games, thus lets get to them. The Dirt RPG offers a fantasy setting after an apocalypse with a quite interesting d6 system. The description is interesting and it looks are quite intruiging. You’ll find another kind of post-apocalypse in Snake People. I consider the narrative game quite interesting, despite the inherent strangeness of snakes. Well, and if you are fascinated by the mechanics of „snake eye“ rolls, the Snakeyes Gaming System has you covered.
Maybe you like to have a game in the style of the Westworld series, along with a dashing dose of the Great Gatsbys charme? I certainly do and did back The Gaslight Club, which is powered by a Blades in the Dark inspired system. If you prefer the series Love Boat, you’ll got to take a cruise with the The Love Ballon. A gm-less game thats basically steered cooperatively. Well, or you want to play a game of pranking people, in which Funny Freakout has been Forged in the Dark for you.
There is of course always the option for some Fantasy games. Like creating magical cities in i’m sorry did you say street magic – that’s create them and explore them. In your prefered genre, vignette or campaign style and without a GM. You don’t need a GM for ALL SKATE FANTASY either, but get normal heroic fantasy for „party people“. Which I take means that it is lighthearted. For a fun, fast game you should check out Dump Quest. Creating your game with some „ad-libbing“ fun and maybe destroying the zine in the process.
Horror? Would be the ad-libbed word that covers the next three games. If are enticed by the deep sea horror of William Hope Hodgsons Grey Seas Are Dreaming Of My Death should be right up your ally for a fatal oneshot. You might prefer to be a monster, as THEY FEED ON FEAR presents. Following the title you’ll have to instill fear in others to feed. Which is done with quite some style! Though I wouldn’t say DON’T LOOK. Which is a game in which characters actually have to have fear to survive. Though maxing the fear by looking at the stuff appears to be a bad idea.
I can’t say that Corruption of the Black-Hearted isn’t horror. As you play people who try to be heroes yet might just go one step to far and become monstrous. An interesting idea for an OSR game that I do consider a bit meta. Though Disk Horse#1: Off to the Races is definitively more meta’er. As you’ll be playing a PbtA style tabletop rpg game about creating tabletop rpgs. Which I find very difficult to kinda grasp. Well and the most meta-test game is In Our Own Wor(l)ds. Which addresses the fascination, creation and exchange of game zines as a zine. Yikes, quite a braintwist.
For the Honor is rather straight forward. Looks like She-Ra, got half of She-Ras slogan, colorful as She-Ra and saying it’s inspired by She-Ra. The gm-less game is right up my ally. As is Princess World which too takes inspiration from the She-Ra series and you’ll play cool & competent princesses.
If that’s to much color, maybe get back to the cold of space where noone hears you scream or chant like in INVOCCULTAS – Conduits of the Void. In which space cultist call upon the eldritch gods in a interestingly card based game. YourVerse on the other hand rather enables you to create your own science fiction setting while Terranary sees you struggling human, intergalactic intruiges for which it provides a d12 system. Maybe your more up for a solo experience, that might be played with others but doesn’t have to, in which case you should check out the Science Vessel of Dr. Uaerom.
Your character vessel of choice might be an animal. Where Winter Harvest offers you the role of animals who trying to build a home, community and live their lifes. It could be that last collections pigeon game didn’t fill your needs for the airborne raths where Dirty Town has you covered. Well, and from rats to rodents to vermin, you should check out Hivesworn: Queensfall if insects are your calling.
There is always the option to have some normal, nice Urban Fantasy. Where I would like to recommend Draculola with a passion! The game from Austria is addressed to kids – and those who feel like playing a lighthearted game – in which players assume the roles of vampires and other „monsters“. Just that the monsters ain’t evil but do try to make the world a better place. I personally grew up on tv series like „The little Vampire“ and love the genre, which had be back the project in a minute. It’s really cool and cute. Take a look. It’s a heartwarming game somewhat reminiscent of the likes of „Golden Sky Stories“. If you like more mundane Urban Fantasy directed towards older gamers, check out the Mundane Lost. Which combines the Stepford Wives with Outer Limits and a dash of Forbidden Zone to form an interesting small PbtA game set in a kinda 50s. Then there’s Heaven Has No Taste; And Other True Statements which will put you in the role of angles and demons on earth in romantical entanglements. Basically providing the plot of a standard CW-series.
Maybe you are more of the opinion „A game within like 30 to 60 zine pages? ONLY one? How can that be?!“. In which case StoryHunter Alphas gets you 4 games with changing gm’s, you can get three different solo experiences in Alone On A Journey or 7 short poem based games in Sedentary Dances. Maybe two are fine with This Thing We Started/The Brokenhearted? Who knows.
There are many, many more projects. Like the Light of the Setting Sun Western Setting, Artifices, Deceptions & Dilemmas to integrate exactly those into your games or system supplements like The Era Zone 2020.
You’ll find fhose and many more project here:

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3 TV-Drama Role-Playing Games
3 Fantasy Role-Playing Games
3 Horror Role-Playing Games
3 Meta Role-Playing Games
2 Princess (She-Ra) Role-Playing Games
4 Science Fiction Role-Playing Games
3 Animal Role-Playing Games
3 Urban Fantasy Role-Playing Games
4 Role-Playing Game Collentions
3 Settings
2 World & Citybuilding
2 Western Zines
5 Supplements
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