Crowdfunding Collection #135, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/19 and 02/23

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #135, including every tabletop rpg project started between 02/19 and 02/23.

In this collection, partly thanks to the smaller timeframe covered, the projects are back to a lower number, thus this time around its all in one post.

I’ll start with the I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE game. As the title suggests it’s a game about playing teenagers, in a Urban Fantasy YA-book like highschool setting. Next to being tens the characters are creatures like ghosts, vampires, succubi or incubi, especially lucky humans or various other things. The conflict system are less based on the skills of the characters, they are all assumed to be competent, but on the emotion that motivates an action. While I don’t fancy highschool YA-stories that much, the system sounds intruiging to me. I think its cool idea and got it starred, Then there’s Anti-Hero: Supers a Forged in the Dark game, in which you play superheroes or to be more precise anti-heroes as can be found within Suicide Squad, Punisher, The Boyz or Watchmen. If you are a fan of the genre, take a look.
There are of course some Zines. Like Climbing the Witch’s Tower in which various characters., for various reasons, trying to ascend a mountain to confront a witch. The system utilizes the Trophy mechanics and looks interesting. The Great Bork Team, that’s a team of three sled dogs and their musher, tries to reach their goal too. The game looks tiny, yet quite worth a look. If you prefer a gm-less game to explore dreams, check out Liber Somnia: The Book Of Dreams. The creators took inspiration from the Amber book series and Amber Diceless RPG. Well, and last but not least, there is Lunch Break TTRPG: Into the Gullet. A neat, little fantasy game, that’s as fast and fun that you should be able to play it in the break. Just take a look at it.
If you are looking for a cool little gamebook, check out the Dark Path. It’s in zine format, yet the English project coming from Germany looked so nice, I backed it.
There are other cool project. For example, I backed the monster menagerie Other Magic #2: Monsters of the Americas. I do like the concept to get some more „unique“ monsters, and the guides how to handle monster in general was really cool. Then there are fan-made settings like the post-apocalyptic Endworld – Wanderer’s Guide for D&D 5E or the Welsh and Brythonic campaign The Camlann Chronicles for the same system. There are soundscapes like the Deadlands Audio Collection and many more projects.
You find all of those here:

English Crowdfundings

2 Role-Playing Games
1 Setting
1 Supplements
2 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
1 Soundscape
3 Various RPG Projects

Zine Quest

4 Role-Playing Games
1 Gamebook
1 Setting
3 Supplements
3 System Supplements
1 Guide
1 Map
2 Monster Menageries

French Crowdfundings

1 Role-Playing Game