Crowdfunding Collection #139, including every tabletop rpg project started between 03/29 and 04/12

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #139, including every tabletop rpg project started between 03/29 and 04/12.

This article got a week delayed, yet is finally there with quite some cool projects. A project close to my heart is the support project for Kainskind. A friendly, local ttrpg and hobby vendor in Freiburg, Germany, which got hit hard by the crisis. I backed their projects and hope other gamers will follow.

In regards to the English projects, I do quite like Stranded, as it offers an interesting mix of Outer Worlds and Borderlands. You’ll get action, mutants, (killer) robots and more. All from the developer of Delve. I got it starred for consideration and recommend it. Another fascinating project is Sunken Dungeon. DnD+Coloring. The game follows the tradition of Cloud Dungeon and thus offer a book that will be heavily modified during playing. Though you still can play it multiple times, by printing more copies. An interesting take, that you should check out for yourself. If you are rather looking for some solid, action heavy superhero action Galaxies in Peril should got you covered. The Forged in the Dark based game offers exactly that. Maybe you rather plan outdoor trips with your friends for the times after social distancing, in this case have a look at 2oz5E. It offers a very condensed version of D&D 5E and aims to be played in the field. Then there is Delta Gamma vs. Draculas. From my understanding one plays a member from a Sorioty on the „loser“ side of things and fights of a college aged „Dracula“. I am not sure what’s the zine exactly about, but backed it because of the chance for a vampire factor. Angels War aims to be a mecha game inspired by Escaflowne and NGE, yet does offers very little information – textual or illustrations – to get me interested in having a deeper look.
That doesn’t apply to the „Game Book“ section, which this time around offers not so much CYOA-like books, but books that can be used for rpg-like gaming. For example there is Our Vacation/Cold War Navy by the creator of Thousand Year Old Vampire. The games, they are two separate one, guide a single player into creating a story with diary entries and so on. A cool and very, very affordable project I gladly backed. Check it out. Then there is the StoryMaster’s Tales „Dracodeep Dungeon“ Hybrid RPG. Which offers an interesting mix of ttrpg, boardgame and gamebook. You can play it alone or with other players and I do actually feel tempted to back it. It to is recommended.
There are many more cool project, like the sourcebook Fantasy City Sites and Scenes, which helps creating and including exactly what it says in the title. There are the sparkly Saberdice and the fluorescent Starry Mist dice, which both look rad. If you prefer to play online or with app support, check out Atlas Words for world creation and keeping up with things. The Fireball app apparently does offer direct game interactions via smartphones. If you like to add music, maybe use the SoundTale music board or consider soundscapes like Tavern Tales or Glorantha. There is a comic called Dungeons and Dimwits as well as a card deck that helps to set up Heroic Challenges.
You’ll find these and many more projects here:

English Crowdfundings

6 Role-Playing Games
2 Game Books
5 Settings
2 Sourcebooks
2 D&D 5E Sourcebooks
5 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
4 Accessoires
2 Apps
3 Music Apps & Soundscapes
1 Comic
1 Deck of Cards
2 Enamel Pins
2 Maps
3 Various RPG Projects

German Crowdfundings

1 Shop / Hobby Support

French Crowdfundings

3 Role-Playing Games