Crowdfunding Collection #141, including every tabletop rpg project started between 04/26 and 05/10

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #141, including every tabletop rpg project started between 04/26 and 05/10.

After some quite chaotic two weeks, the collection if back in a regular fashion, thus let’s get started.

I’ll start with Dragon Fighters by Luca De Marini. The game focus on fighters being involved in a kind of perpetual ongoing fight, like a tournament. The project offers unique visuals, that do point towards inspiration from games like Streetfighter and other beat’em ups, yet it doesn’t look like a simple carbon copy. At least not to me. The game offers various subsystems, and I am heavily tempted to back it, if I can find it in my budget. The project does still need some help, and I would recommend you’ll have a look at it. If you are looking for a fantasy game for the whole family maybe check out Lost in the Fantasy World. You’ll be playing a kid that has been moved from the real world to a fantastical realm. In regards of mechanics the game offers a narrative d6 system, The campaign is nicely colorful and you can already get the PDF. Thus, I recommend to have a look. Then there is the dark, modern Bloodlines & Black Magic RPG. Which offers a setting that reminds me of the World of Darkness, just that you get to play essentially crossover from the start and build in. The system is d20 and uses arcana cards, which makes it quite interesting, imho. I recommend the project, even as it is outside of my budget. You might enjoy the tech-noir approach of NEUROCITY. In which you explore a subterranean complet and topics of exentialism and psychology get address. The game seeks funding on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter in tandem. The last game is HardBoot a 5th ed D20 RPG, directed to celebrate the very first CGI cartoon. I haven’t seen the cartoon and don’t really feel engaged by the IndieGoGo project.
Fans of gamebooks will find that Destiny’s Role 2: Venom of Vortan offers to finance the third entry into the Destiny series. Then there’s Vala the Beast a boardgame like gamebook or a gamebooklike boardgame. It might be a fringe for the gamebook category, but I think it warrents to be including.
Of course there are many more projects. Fans of Mage: The Ascension will find that the M20 Technocracy Reloaded projects offers a brand new look at the Technocracy, the Web 3.0 and other fascinating aspects of Mage, that haven’t been explored in other books and needed – or could use – an update. It’s a cool book and if you are a fan of the WoD, check it out. Maybe the success will bring forth more books for M20, C20 or even x20 treatment for gamelines left out so far. Then there’s the Ekphrastic Beasts bestiary, which offers visually stunning monsters. There is the Fantasy City Sites and Scenes II to spice up your campaigns with the mentioned sites and scenes. I personally like the Witch Hunters adventure, a solo-scenario for D&D5E, which might be played with more players. You’ll find Dice and dungeons ITA Backpacks, Sidebags and enamel pins, a Cards Against the DM minigame with an inspirational aspect and The Adventurer’s RPG Tiles for creating caves.
You’ll find these and many more projects here:

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2 Settings
4 Sourcebooks
4 D&D Sourcebooks
5 Adventures
3 Dice Projects
3 Accessoires & Enamel Pins
1 Deck of Cards
1 Tile / Map Projects
4 Various RPG Projects

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