Crowdfunding Collection #152, including every tabletop rpg project started between 09/27 and 10/11

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #152, including every tabletop rpg project started between 09/27 and 10/11.

Back after two weeks with no less than a total of 91 projects, of which 18 are ttrpgs. If you like to get directly to the meat of the collection, just skip my rather long preamble.

Though lets start with Acheron. The game introduces the players to the concept of „Grimpunk“, which in this case involves alternative 1930ties. A world that offers eldritch horrors to be fought and overcome by the heroes. The system provides a mix of narrative elements, three sanity attributes and a deadly combat system. I think it’s interesting and deserves a look. Throwing Hornes offers less dark setting, as you set out for a tour with your demon metal band through hell. The game is presented as a small zine and played with d6. To stick to the topic of demons, and add some angels into the mix, in Era: Forbidden both are at war. You’ll be playing as supernaturally enhanced humans, trying to avoid that humanity ends up as a collateral of the raging war. In regards to mechanics it uses the well tested Era d10 System. Maybe you are looking for something narrative? Then check out Spindlewheel. A game in which you weave stories as a group with the help of tarot cards.
In regards of fantasy games, Yonder has the player characters flee from a calamity. The search for refugee and the run will bring their true character to the front, which may include literal transformation. I am intruiged, given that the book aimes to be graphic novel size (~150 pages) and the mechanics presented look interesting, I am in. If you like Blades in the Dark but look for some planar fantasy, check out Sig: City of Blades. The setting looks colorful, interesting and you should take a look for yourself. Maybe you played Stars without Numbers but wished it was fantasy? Then Worlds Without Number has you covered with their aesthetically pleasing take on bringing the OSR mechanics to a fantasy world.
There are some games, which imho fit the Halloween season fine. Like being scary but not to much horror. For example MORTASHEEN pretty much nails the look for me, even as it is a bit shy on how it is played. Then you should check out Gruesome Ghoulies. You’ll be playing rowdy ghouls, investigating mysteries, driving Hot Rods and playing Rock’n’Rool. The game is available in a free One-Sheet version and the Kickstarter aims to finances a zine upgrade. Cool. Then there’s Rest in Pieces, which describes itself as a „Card & Block Tower RPG“. Basically hoping to emulate fast, funny and bizarre cartoon action ala Rick & Morty ab. While I am not sure about the mechanics, I didn’t delve to deep into it, it has the looks.
If you prefer your horror more horrific, maybe check out Terrors and Tommyguns. The game combines cosmic horror and the 1920s, along with a d20 rollover system. If you are up for some American Gothic … Horror, check out Flames of Freedom. It throws you into the revolution of 1776 and sees you fighting monsters next to the confederates using the system introduced by Zweihänder. I am intruiged, as they do actually got consultants and try to differ a bit from a „European White“ point of view, which tends to be the usual approach. If you like a quick, one shot rpg, check out Fright Nights: Wendigo RPG. An adventure and RPG all in one little zine, aimed at beginner STs and players alike (next to more experience ones). It is part of an intruiging series. Then there’s the Widdershins RPG, which explores the 1910 setting of Whyborne & Griffins- a queer romance series. While I don’t know the source, it looks like fighting eldritch horror Jane Austen style, something quite fascintating. Check it out.
For people who like SF, maybe take a look at Weirdspace. It offers a scifi sandbox setting with quite some British comedy. You can checkout a free 16-pages prerelease on DTRPG to get a look at the game, and it appears to be a very solid project. Maybe you have wondered what would happen if The Expanse and Doom were combined? Well, Will Power Games answer this scenario in Death Diverse. The lavishly illustrated project offers a fresh 5d6 system and does interest me. If you ever wished for a Stargate SG-1 game, well, you are being served. Explore different worlds via Stargates and meddle in the conflict between Tau’ri and Goa’uld – all with a D&D 5E variant system
Next to those games there are many more intruiging, cool projects. As an avid fan of the World of Darkness I had to back Ghost Hunters for World of Darkness 20th Anniversary. The sourcebooks offers ghost hunters to be used with all WoD x20 gamelines, and might even be seen as kind of a core book. Super cool! Join in! If you are a fan of undead and necromantic things, maybe take a look at the Dungeon Master’s Adventure Pack Issue 5 – Necropolis zine, offering just that. There are intruiging adventures like Ancient Undead Spider Wizard, which will be funded along with a vinyl record, or you could try to understand mistosis (real life one) with the The Great Divide module for D&D 5E. The Snow Cone & Sundae dice for DCC see me strongly tempted. Well, and you could just make your own dice with the Royal Mold System. The card deck Deck of Dungeons from Germany might be worth having a look and I am intruiged by the GAME THEORY IN THE AGE OF CHAOS book project, which takes a rather political lense to game development.
You’ll find these and many, many more intruiging projects here:

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