Crowdfunding Collection #168, including every tabletop rpg project started between 05/02 and 05/16

I present to you the new Crowdfunding Collection #168, including every tabletop rpg project started between 05/02 and 05/16.

Following a brief break last week, where I didn’t manage to finalise the collection, I am back. There are no fewer than 17 games and 1 VtM project. So, let’s get to them!

I’ll start with Crescent: Nautical Fantasy TTRPG, a game focusing on an ever expanding, large archipelago. They are waiting to be mapped, explored and the players will engage with mysterious magics on the various islands. The game will be virtually supported, and the core rules be available for everyone for free – if the project is funded. I am fascinated by the maritime setting, the illustrations look nice (save, maybe the thumbnail) and the system seems solid. I recommend you take a look. Broken Compass is somewhat maritime as well, yet leans more into the pulp aspect, exploring and plundering ancient ruines and stuff. The game was previously funded in 2020 and delivered. The project offers an opportunity to get your hands on the beautiful book and adds two new campaigns. The Deittman Files aren’t as watery. You’ll be playing a group of investigators and psychics venturing onto ghost hunts being supported by the Powered by the Apocalypse. I like the idea of ghost hunting, and I like PbtA, thus it gets a hearty recommendation. Then there’s The Morra Cinematic Game System by Mighty Narwhal Production. The game enables you, and your friends, to setup scenarios akin to Hollywood movies as well as TV series. Whether it’s about original settings like punching Nazis, encountering Cthulhu as a person interesting in magic with a magic school, or drama along works like Supernatural, Guardians of the Galaxy and more. The game system is interesting, and the game features an extra system to make sure boundaries are respected and everyone is having fun. I do know and trust the creators, and recommend you check out the game.
Magical Kitties Level Up! is the game to open the fantasy category. It has you playing the titular, fluffy, magical kittens, who venture into adventures. Family friendly ones, thus it isn’t of the „dark & gritty“ variety. I personally was charmed at the term „kitty“, though the other aspect do entice me too. I would be in, if it were within my budget. Ataraxia Legends is a game inspired by (classic) J-RPGs. The system is only briefly adressed, but shows the JRPG inspiration. While I consider the presentation a bit lacking, you might enjoy it, especially if you are into JRPGs.
Among the horror games I am quite fascinated by Broken Tales. It offers a dark view upon classical fairy tails and put those upside down. With aspects like villains seeking redemption. Systemwise the game is d6 based and offers various modi like one for OneShots or guided campaigns and one for chronicles. Another project I would back, have I had the resources. Nowhereville is another d6 based horror game. The characters are trapped within a city, they can’t leave. Which gives the game a Stephen King like vibe. The game is very much to the point, offering just one pledge level. Check it out. Then there is Into the Wyrd and Wild, which explores the horror or venturing into an unpleasant wilderness. The book offers a system neutral setting, which might be played with D&D style rules. Though I think, you might not need D&D? Anyway, I like the project and recommend you have a look. Last but not least, there is They Stirred. It’s set in an post-apocalyptic setting with zombies. It might be ambigious to place it in the horror section, yet givven that the narrative game focuses on hard choices, that’s where I placed it. It has a nice presentation.
Let’s continue to the Cyberpunk games. Necrobiotic would have fitted a post-apo or horror category. Yet the transhuman idea of playing mechanically altered dead people, who are now not that dead, but still scurry around, with more intelligence than a zombie, makes it a good fit. I do like that it’s card based, that they offer a quickstart, the illustrations, and would be in, if I had no restrictions. Favor is a more classic Cyberpunk setting and game, featuring a „neo noir“ look and feel. You’ll be playing a bunch of criminals, who try to do gigs, to get their hands on new chrome and stuff. As a bit of a twist, it isn’t set on earth, but a colonized planet. Yet still, you can’t play bog standard humans, but got the choice of interesting „Anthroforms“. The d10 based system appears to be a good fit, and I recoomend the project. an. You will find another cyberpunk game in Augmented. Though given that you’ll play goons, who’ll do the companies, who own ‚em, dirty work it is notably more cyber than punk. The system is so ruleslite, that the char sheet got no stats. It is quite an interesting angle.
If you like Science Fiction, you should have a look at Once More Into The Void. You play a troupe, a family, who after breaking up has to get together one last time, to get a job done. The system is inspired by the one in Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands, which means it is gm-less and consists of 9 interlinked minigames, that will create a story. Quite an interesting project. The Crushing Thunder! is another scifi game, set in a post apocalyptic world, in which you have to life with emental dinos, which you might battle with your mech suites and stuff. The system is 3d6 based, and the whole projects appears to have been done with quite some heart.
You’ll find a quite fascinating journaling game in You Are the Dungeon. As the title indicates, that you will play as a dungeon. Which has to handle adventures, rummaging around in your inners. You can guide them, trick them and maybe reward them. The game uses a tarot deck for conflict resultion, and I am intruiged by the concept. Mythara LARP on the other hand, is a card based and D&D inspired core book for Larping. The rules are available for free and the game might be intruiging for fantasy fans.
There are other interesting projects, though considering I already wrote a lot, I will keep it to one. Vampire: the Eternal Struggle Unleashed offers to print 4 decks, which offers cards that haven’t been printed previously (they were only available as pdf)! You can get the new V5 starter box and more decks along with the new one to. Well, and I am in, because I can get some fresh V:TES Giovanni, of clan Giovanni, before they are „reduced“ to being Hecata. Take a look, consider it. If you are from Germany, there is a „collective pledge„, that will get you at least 10% off the decks. I do admit it is an ECG, and thus not very ttrpg’ly, but the link to VtM have had me include it.
You’ll find those projects, and many more, here:

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2 Science Fiction Roleplaying Games
1 Journaling Roleplaying Game
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3 Settings
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5 Sourcebooks
2 D&D Sourcebooks
1 Adventure
4 D&D Adventures
4 Dice Projects
3 Accessoires
2 Deck of Cards
1 Map
1 Soundscape
4 Enamel Pins
2 Actual Play Series
2 Various RPG Projects
1 RPG based card game (ECG)

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